Jonas Tarm



September 19, 2015: 19:00

Where? House of Blackheads; Tallinn, Estonia
What? World premiere of New Work for String Orchestra (Title TBA)
Who? Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and Risto Joost


Commission of New Work for the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra

August 13, 2015

        The Tallinn Philharmonic Society has commissioned Jonas Tarm to write a new work for Estonia’s internationally renowned Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and its widely celebrated music director, Risto Joost. The world premiere of the piece is scheduled for the orchestra’s season-opening concert at the House of Blackheads in Tallinn on Sept. 19. Jonas will be rehearsing with the orchestra and attending the concert. For more information and tickets visit Piletilevi.
        Jonas and the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra have worked together before: in 2013, the orchestra premiered his “Headline Hues: Concerto for Strings,” and the orchestra has regularly performed parts of the work ever since, including as encores.

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